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Whether you’re currently in Erie Pennsylvania or plan on moving there, you will want to know what the benefits of using a professional mover are. You’ll also want to know when to use a moving company, what to expect when hiring movers and how much it will cost you. Read on if you want to find out more OR Call us NOW for an INSTANT QUOTE!

When To Use A Moving Company

You should use a moving company in Erie if you plan on moving into a new home in Erie or if you’re moving out of Erie, to one of the neighboring cities or town. Moving house can be stressful, so it’s a good idea to use a professional. The same goes if you are moving to or from an office. A good moving company can handle both residential and commercial moves.

Do you have furniture you need moved from your property to storage or vice-versa? If so, then contact a mover and let them do the heavy lifting. Additionally, they can move specialty items you may have, such as pianos, heavy equipment and so forth.

If you’re moving long distance or short distance, then hire a professional. Instead of renting out a truck, trying to get friends together to help, you can make one phone call to a moving company. After you tell them more about the move, they will schedule a date so they can work on your move.


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Moving is one of the most stressful times in a familie’s life.  We will help you making it a smooth and enjoyable experience.


It’s important that business isn’t interrupted.  We plan out the big moving day so you can quickly get back to work.


If you don’t have a place yet, we will carefully transport your stuff and nicely set them in a unit of your choice.

Benefits Of Hiring Movers In Erie PA

There are many benefits of hiring a professional moving company. We’ll discuss six of them. These six benefits include:

1st, you’ll save a lot of time. The chances are you are a busy person with a lot going on, both at work and at home, therefore you don’t have a lot of time leftover to do much else, let alone handling everything involved with moving. By hiring a professional mover in Erie PA, you’ll save yourself time because they will handle everything. All you have to do is let the company know what you need done and then let them handle the rest.

2nd, you won’t be putting your safety at risk. Imagine lifting a piece of furniture and throwing your back out? This could wreck havoc on all aspects of your life, including personal and work life.

Professionals have the right training, skills, expertise and equipment that helps them do the job properly and safely. It doesn’t matter how small or large the move is, it is important that everything is done in a safe manner. A professional mover will not make mistakes that puts their safety at risk or your safety.

3rd, your goods will be in good hands and this means there’s less of a chance of them becoming damaged. If you were to do the move yourself, the chances are you wouldn’t pack your belongings properly and load them into the truck the way they should be loaded, which means they could suffer damage at some point during the move. Experts know how to secure belongings and they will ensure your items get to where they need to be in the same condition they were in when they were picked up.

4th, they will handle all of the packing for you. They have boxes specifically designed for moving, and they can go to your property and pack the items you need packed. They will keep everything organized too.

Asides from packing, they will handle the logistics. They will choose the best route to take to get your belongings to their destination. This ensures the move will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

5th, movers are licensed and insured, which means they take their business seriously and they have meant some requirements in order to obtain a license. Insurance is crucial for movers to have because if something were to happen to your belongings during the move, then the movers’ insurance will cover it. The chances of your belongings going missing or becoming damaged are small, but at least you can rest easy knowing their insurance has you covered, just in case something happens.

Finally, there is no stress to deal with when you decide to hire a professional mover in Erie. All moves can be stressful, but the more items that need to be packed and transported, the more stressful the move can be. There is a lot more involved with moving than one may think. You have to carefully plan the route you’ll take, how you’ll pack stuff, decide whether or not you need help and things of that nature.

Do you want to not deal with the stress involved with a move? Do you want to be able to relax or focus on other things? Of course you do, which is why you should use a professional.

The bottom line is you’ll have peace of mind when using a moving company. Professional movers allow you to rest easy while they do everything. Before you know it, they will have completed your entire move.

What To Expect When Hiring Movers In Erie

When you hire a professional mover in Erie PA, you can expect reliable service. This means they will show up on time and complete the move within the time frame they gave you. We’ll discuss how to choose a reliable mover a bit later.

Also, you can expect nothing but the best customer service. They should answer any questions you have about their services and they should explain what will happen during the process. For example, the best movers will give you a detailed rundown on what they will do for you.

Finally, you can expect frequent updates in regards to your move. Right from the very start of the move to the very end, it is important to receive updates. Receiving updates give you peace of mind because you’ll know what’s going on.

How much will it cost you?

What you’ll pay a professional moving company in Erie depends on various factors, such as the company you decide to use. Different companies charges different rates. Some companies will charge by the hour, while others charge a flat rate. However, you will know how much it will cost you before you officially hire a company.

Also, the amount of items that you need moved will factor into price. Generally speaking, the more items you have to move, the more you can expect to pay. This isn’t always the case, but more often than not, it is. However, you might be able to get a discount, so do ask the company you’re thinking of using if they offer discounts.

Distance plays a major role in pricing. In general, the farther a company has to travel for the move, the more they will charge. Some companies don’t consider distance, but there are many that do.


Choosing A Good Mover

Not all moving companies in Erie PA are create equal. The last thing you want to do is hire any old company. That being said, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Experience is one of the most important things to look for in a mover. The more moving jobs they’ve completed, the more experience they will have. The number of years a moving company has been in business for isn’t the best indicator for experience.
  • Services offered is another thing to look for in a company, so look for a moving company that offers full-moving services, which includes commercial moves, residential moves, packaging services, storage solutions and so on. The more services a mover provides, the better. Remember, you might not need all of their services today, but tomorrow you might. You get the idea.
  • Price is important to a lot of people, so compare the prices of several moving companies that serve Erie PA, but don’t go for the cheapest one just because they are the cheapest. Find out what’s exactly included in the quotes that are provided to you. You want to have a good idea of what you’ll pay for the entire move.
  • Finally, read reviews on third-party websites that have verified their reviews. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to solely hire a mover based on reviews. Nonetheless, reading reviews can give you an idea of what to expect from a specific company you have in mind. However, if you come across far more negative reviews than positive reviews about a mover, then think twice about using their services.

That is how to find and choose a good mover in Erie. Remember, price isn’t everything. The most important thing is that the company will get the job done right, fast and efficiently.

Do you need a mover in Erie PA? If so, then contact a professional mover in Erie and request a quote. Even if you currently don’t need one, it’s still a good idea to request a quote, that way you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll pay when the time comes to use a mover. Just make sure you keep the previously discussed tips in mind.



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